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Football Betting Tips Of The Day ⚽ I scan all games and deliver today's tips


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Cousin Bet scans all games and delivers you the best football betting tips of the day.
Check out the football betting tips for today now!!!
CuzBet is a service providing football betting tips based purely on teams’ form. Why form? Because from all factors that influence
the outcome of a game (value, form, motivation, tactics, referee, weather, fans, and so on and so forth) form is the most important one. After two decades of betting on football Cousin Bet reached the conclusion that form plays the biggest role in determining the outcome of a game. All games due to be played each day are manually scanned (on Saturday’s we are literally talking well over 1000 games) and only those in which form clearly points out a winner are sent to subscribers. Cousin Bet will only include in the newsletter the best football betting tips of the day and sometimes you may also receive accumulators that will definitely add value to your betting activity. You can subscribe now and start receiving football betting tips today or you can learn more about the service.When a team sitting on 3 consecutive wins will be up against a side coming after 3 defeats be sure that game will included in the newsletter. But the best part is that because the research is done manually the value of past opponents is also taken in consideration. This is where the value is as bookmakers simply can’t stay up to date with the performances of all teams worldwide and they fail to adjust prices when form clearly points out a winner. Don’t waste any more time, subscribe now and start getting theFootball Betting Tips For Today

Football Betting Tips TodayThe newsletter is sent daily before 12:00 UK time and most bets have odds around 2.00. The stake is flat, meaning the same stake for all bets. Sometimes odds can be higher or lower depending on the day and the events due to be played. There is no fixed number of games a newsletter will contain, it can be 1 game, 10 games or no game at all, depending on the results of the manual research. Please head over to the Football Betting Tips Of The Day page where all previous newsletters are published and you can make a better idea about the CuzBet service.

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